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Redevelopment Content at Conference

Last year the National Trust’s Preservation Leadership Forum launched the Historic Properties Redevelopment Program (HPRP) to foster a sense of community and an interactive information network amongst the preservationists and other community redevelopers around the country, and to increase the knowledge and use of preservation revolving funds and other practices that boost historic property redevelopment. If…

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Why Attend?

Kick off the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act at PastForward. Learn from the experiences that have shaped the movement during the past 50 years and acquire the tools and resources to meet the challenges ahead. Explore new ideas and find inspiration in unlikely places as we envision the next 50 years of preservation. We come from many disciplines, but at PastForward 2015 we are ALL preservationists.

Access Online

For those unable to travel to the nation’s capital, TrustLive presentations will be live streamed and available for download. TrustLive explores how preservation has to be part of a larger discussion that we’re all involved in – whether we’re in D.C. in November, virtually attending from across the country at the same time or downloading the videos online months later.

Access DC

Expert speakers. Focused educational programming. Discussions with your peers that extend beyond the conference sessions. PastForward explores the issues that matter for the work we all do – topics that demand deliberation and exploration. Plan to be in D.C. this November. Plan to be part of preservation’s future.

Daily Schedule

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November 3, 2015 13 Sessions
November 4, 2015 24 Sessions
November 5, 2015 35 Sessions
November 6, 2015 25 Sessions